IDEA Committee

Committee Composition

The IDEA Committee will be chaired by an Institutional Member and will include no less than 6 members.  All efforts will be made to identify members who bring diverse voices, ideas, knowledge, and experiences to the group. 

Committee Co-Chairs

Cecile-Anne Sison
Northwestern University
[email protected]

Richard Nimtz
Notre Dame[email protected]


Committee Charge

The IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) Committee was established to integrate inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility into ETC programs, communications, and activities.  IDEA serves as an advisory body to the ETC Board, committees, and task forces, to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility values, practices, and principles are considered in all aspects of the organization’s work.  Additionally, IDEA will collect benchmarking data gathered from yearly surveys to identify timely tasks and projects that will further promote diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility in the ETC organization.

Expected Time Commitment

The expected time commitment for volunteers is 2-3 hours a month.

Inclusion Statement - August 2022

ETC welcomes the participation of individuals who thrive at the intersection between education, technology, and pedagogy at all levels and various sizes of organizations. We are committed to building a community that strives to acknowledge and value a diversity of voices. We provide opportunities for all our members, however one identifies, to be empowered and grow. 

Interested in participating in the IDEA Committee? Contact the Executive Office for details